Sears makes plans to win back customers

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on June 9, 2003

Sears makes plans to win back customers

The US-based retailer, Sears, is to make a number of changes in its appliance business to win back customers from its competitors, including the revitalisation of appliance departments in its 870 stores throughout the US. The new strategy aims to maintain and grow a front-runner position in the appliances market.

Sears currently boasts a 39% national market share in appliance sales which, it claims, is triple that of its closest competitor. Sears attributes this success in part to stocking a wide range of brand-name appliances.

From the summer of 2003, the company aims to attract new customers and win back customers from competitors by offering a range of improvements in-store, including:

  • More 'Value Priced' products: Sears is expanding its offering of 'value' products to give its customers a better selection of appliances at entry-level prices, coinciding with a recently noted trend toward value product sales growth.  
  • In-store layout: Sears is testing three new floor layouts: An expanded value centre, with value products grouped together; A 'good, better, best' layout, regardless of brand; A 'good, better, best' layout, this time grouped by brand name.  
  • Improved signage: Sears has improved signage to help customers find and choose the product they want with the least possible effort.  
  • Take Me Home Today: Sears is expanding by approximately 50% the range of branded appliances that consumers can take home the same day.  
  • Price matching: If a customer can find a better price elsewhere, Sears will match it and also give them 10% of the price difference.

"Our sales associates' product knowledge, customer service, and selection of brands is unparalleled and will not change," said Tina Settecase, vice president of home appliances for Sears. "But we are making improvements that will freshen and enhance our appliance shopping experience."

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