SelektPoints EMV loyalty coalition aims to go global

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on March 23, 2007

SelektPoints EMV loyalty coalition aims to go global

An EMV card-based loyalty programme was recently launched by a Kuwaiti company that now ambitiously aims for the programme to become the world's largest coalition loyalty scheme within 18 months.

The International Investor (TII), a Kuwaiti shareholding company that currently focuses on three key lines of business (retailer financial services, consumer financial services and fleet leasing) recently launched SelektPoints, an EMV-based coalition loyalty programme for consumers, merchants and 'landlord banks' (see 12 Sep. 2006).

Earning points Members of the programme can earn points from partners including a range of global retailers, then redeem those points for various rewards, special offers and travel packages.

SelektPoints says it has already signed up a coalition of banks from around the world that allows the programme's operator to customise bank offerings for cardholders using a data-centric approach. According to SelektPoints, its coverage is "extensive" and the programme claims "a great line-up of partners in every region of the world".

How it works Using Microsoft CRM, customers can then receive communications via SMS, detailing offers that have been created specifically for them. While member accounts are activated online, The Wise Marketer was unable to access the programme's online registration procedure at the time of writing.

The SelektPoints software resides on a chip in the EMV credit and debit cards of participating banks. With a single insertion of the card into a payment terminal both the financial and loyalty transactions are completed.

Merchant programmes The company says that the chip can also be customised to create smaller, customised, merchant-specific loyalty programmes within the main SelektPoints programme. Merchants have the option to change their points award levels weekly, daily or even hourly.

Merchants also have access to the programme's global CRM database, automated campaign generation, and data analysis. Although the exact mechanism had not been clarified at the time of writing, the company also says that cash payments at the point of sale can also be tracked through the programme.

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