Self-funding fuel rewards card unveiled

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on August 21, 2006

Self-funding fuel rewards card unveiled

DCR Strategies, the licensee of the TruCash programme, has developed a self-funding, reloadable, debit-based gift and rewards card that offers mobile consumers up to US$0.25 off each gallon of fuel purchased - at no cost to the convenience store or fuel retailer.

Called The Future Card, the system is built on an existing gift card platform, but adds a number of new ideas. The result is a rewards card that adds value for mobile consumers and targets potential new markets for fuel retailers.

According to George Benson, vice president of petroleum for DCR Strategies, one of the card's most appealing features for the retailer is the "savings on credit card processing fees, and the fact that everyone is instantly approved."

Card features The Future Card is activated in real-time, and can be easily reloaded with value at any dollar level the customer chooses, with very few restrictions. Depending upon the retailer's preferences, card is fully customisable, co-branded, and doubles as a loyalty card with in-built debit/ATM withdrawal capabilities (if required).

DCR Strategies' president, Diana Fletcher, believes that a card with no customer approval process and no client administration has wider appeal than many other credit card-based programmes.

And, Fletcher says, the TruCash gift and rewards card has a number of potential applications other than fuel retailers and convenience stores, such as car washes, food service, students and charitable causes, among others.

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