Service is now the key factor in affluent loyalty

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on July 19, 2011

Service is now the key factor in affluent loyalty

Exceptional customer service has become the most important aspect of affluent customer loyalty, according to a survey of marketing professionals by Affinion Loyalty Group and VIPdesk.

The survey found that exceptional customer service, exclusive rewards, and concierge services are the most important aspect of customer loyalty programmes geared toward affluent consumers. More than 50% of loyalty marketers identified exceptional customer service as the most important aspect, which more than 40% cited exclusive rewards or concierge services as the most important aspect.

Other findings of the survey suggest that affluent consumers are most influenced in their customer loyalty decisions by recognition/personalisation (52%), followed by desire for exclusive access (32%) and desire for status (15%). Nearly half of survey respondents said their company already has a loyalty programme in place.

"This research shows that the affluent tend to be brand loyal, tech savvy and travel focused. The differentiating factor in all three areas is service. The affluent consumer will be loyal to your brand, but only if you provide the best service," said Charles Christianson, group vice president of sales & account management for Affinion. "Furthermore, they seek to simplify their lives with technology. From a travel perspective, they expect their loyalty programme to help them go where they want to go with fewer hassles. The bottom line: companies must create an experience that delights the affluent consumer."

"The results of the survey support our belief that the affluent customer base puts a high premium on exceptional customer service," concluded Mary Naylor, CEO for VIPdesk.

The survey was conducted during a webinar presented by Affinion Loyalty Group and VIPdesk, and produced by Loyalty 360. The webinar, entitled 'What Do Affluent Customers Want From Their Loyalty Programmes?, offered various insights from the survey for fostering engagement with today's discerning affluent customer. A recording of the webinar has been made available for playback via Loyalty360's web site - click here.

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