Shell credit card offers gift card-based rewards

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on April 11, 2006

Shell credit card offers gift card-based rewards

In the USA, Shell has launched a new 'Take Your Pick' promotion to reward new Shell Card holders for their fuel purchases, awarding new users a US$25 gift card from one of five pre-selected retailers, including Shell. Other $25 gift cards may be selected for use at Best Buy, Lowe's, or iTunes.

Until 19th June 2006, consumers who apply for (and are approved for) the Shell Card are eligible to claim the gift card (which is sent by mail), after making three purchases with their new Shell Card within the first sixty days.

The Shell Card has also been redesigned recently, and now has an unusual translucent appearance.

According to Carolyn Yapp, Shell US card and payments manager, "We realise that to broaden the company's branded gasoline credit cardholder base, it needs to continue to offer incentives that quickly provide real value to consumers."

Merchant benefits At the same time, a Shell-branded wholesale, direct retail and multi-site operator version of the 'Take Your Pick' incentive programme has been launched to reward eligible marketers, managers and store employees with US$25 Shell gift cards, based on the number of new Shell Card applications submitted via their outlet.

The promotion was also designed to benefit Shell-branded wholesale, direct retail and multi-site operators by driving additional traffic to their sites, and increasing the number of Shell Card holders (who are reported to be among the company's most frequent and loyal customers). According to Shell's own figures, Shell Card customers purchase an average of twice the amount of fuel purchased by other payment card-using customers.

Shell does not charge transaction fees on the Shell Card, which also benefits the fuel retailer.

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