Shell Hungary launches fuel rebate MasterCard

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on December 8, 2006

Shell Hungary launches fuel rebate MasterCard

Hungarian drivers are being offered a new Shell MasterCard (issued by Citibank) which rewards them for their loyalty in the form of rebates against future Shell purchases.

The rebate card also offers all the usual benefits of a Citibank credit card, including security and flexible payments. To encourage new cardholder applications, Shell and Citibank are doubling the card's regular 3% rebate on Shell fuel purchases in Hungary and its 1% rebate on all other purchases until 31st January 2007 (for transactions made within the first sixty days of the card's issue date).

Supplementary cards are also included in the rebate programme, although rebates may only be redeemed by the main cardholder. Rebates are automatically credited toward purchases at domestic Shell stations during the following month. The rebates expire if the cardholder does not use the card regularly (at least once every six months).

Example of rewards New cardholders will earn a 6% rebate on each Shell fuel purchase in Hungary - up to HUF18 per litre purchased - and 2% on all other purchases at any outlet worldwide.

For example, a new cardholder can earn HUF2,160 (approx. US$11.25) for filling up a 40-litre tank three times in a month (based on a cost of HUF300 per litre). If the card is also used for HUF50,000 worth of non-fuel purchases during the same month, an additional rebate of HUF1,000 is earned. The total rebate for the month would then be HUF3,160 for the month (during the promotional period).

The new card has an annual fee of HUF6,400 for Classic main cards, and HUF3,900 for the supplementary cards from the second year onward. Gold main cardholders are charged an annual fee of HUF16,400 and Gold supplementary cardholders pay HUF9,800 per year from the second year onward. (The first year's fee for Gold and Classic supplementary cards is waived).

With the launch of the new Shell MasterCard from Citibank, Citibank has also become Shell's exclusive consumer credit card partner in Hungary.

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