Shoppers want to 'channel hop' as they shop

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on June 23, 2010

Shoppers want to 'channel hop' as they shop

British consumers want a better shopping experience including greater control over where, when and how they shop across a growing range of channels, which now include social media and smart phones, according to the Buzzback Market Research study commissioned by NCR.

Almost all of the consumers (83%) surveyed said they want the flexibility to move seamlessly between their preferred combination of web, mobile and in-store kiosk channels when researching, comparing and purchasing products.

At the same time, 84% said they would also like retailers to do more to ensure that social media activities are properly integrated with other communications, such as web sites and email.

However, this expansion in channel choice and growing digital empowerment has come at a price. More than two out of five shoppers (46%) now feel they are bombarded with irrelevant information and offers via a dizzying array of touchpoints.

The report suggests that there is a definite need for retailers to provide shoppers with more personalised offers and information that reflect their product and communication preferences, as identified from their browsing and purchasing history and location - or presence - in online, mobile and physical stores.

"Retailers must now harmonise the cross-channel shopping experience in this era of converged retailing," concluded Rick Chavie, vice president of marketing of NCR's retail and hospitality business.

For example, retailers can begin by offering customers the option to manage their loyalty account preferences online or in-store, and give them the ability to receive digital coupons via their loyalty card account, mobile phone, or even paper coupons at in-store kiosks. Some 58% of consumers said that they would find this service useful, while 45% said they would like the option of receiving mobile coupons via their smart phones.

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