Shopping search engines boost customer satisfaction

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on February 7, 2003

Consumers who use shopping search engines to compare prices, products, and stores are the most satisfied shoppers, according to new research from online customer satisfaction management firm, ForeSee Results.

The firm's recent internet survey found that online shoppers who use shopping search engines to compare prices are more satisfied with their buying experience, representing a 22% improvement in satisfaction over those who don't.

Those comparing prices using shopping search engines were also found to be 24% more likely to shop online in the next two months, and 26% more likely to recommend online shopping to others.

ForeSee's research suggests that the use of shopping search engines (such as or can have a very positive impact on a consumer's experience of online shopping.

"Consumers clearly grasp the advantages of 'shopping search' but merchants reap great benefits as well," said ForeSee's president, Larry Freed. "Shopping search engines provide merchants with a large number of qualified shoppers, who turn into highly satisfied online customers, and are likely to return again and again."

The study found that online shoppers use shopping search engines because they enable them to:

  • Compare prices quickly (73%)
  • Compare products (54%)
  • Find stores selling the product they are looking for (45%)
  • Lower the risk of making a bad purchase (28%)
  • Find the most popular products (27%)
  • Narrow down the choice between products (25%)
  • Compare the reputations of online stores (25%)

In addition, more than half of the shoppers surveyed said that shopping search engines had helped them to save both time (54%) and money (52%).

According to ForeSee's survey, consumers tend to re-purchase from merchants that provide a high level of satisfaction. Over time, this behaviour is likely make the internet a more valuable source of referrals, and shopping search engines can be expected to play a key role in the continuing evolution and improvement of the online shopping industry.

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