Siebel eRetail CRM helps retailers retain profitable customers

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on April 2, 2002

Siebel eRetail CRM helps retailers retain profitable customers

New software from Siebel is helping retailers improve bottom line results through comprehensive, integrated CRM. The system addresses the entire customer relationship - from the very first stages - with full marketing, sales and service functionality...

All bases covered Grocers can use eRetail Marketing 7 to manage every step of the marketing process from customer segmentation to the programme design and campaign, and provides marketing managers with real-time insight into programme results. Similarly, retailers using eRetail Call Center 7 can maintain a consolidated view of customer contact across multiple communication channels, ensuring consistent execution of the retail brand promise, and guaranteeing prompt and accurate handling of customer service enquiries.

Focussing on customer retention The eRetail 7 suite provides a variety of CRM applications for retailers, aiming at rapid software deployment, high rates of end user adoption and efficient customer acquisition and retention. The system carries a number of internal benefits for retailers as well:

  • Targeted customer marketing through multi-channel, multi-stage marketing campaigns;
  • Improved customer service through software that provides customer service regardless of location, time of day, or channel;
  • Improved employee performance through ERM (employee relationship management) systems which drive employee performance;
  • Reduced IT costs through intranet-based architecture where no software needs to be installed on the desktop.

The applications suite also provides detailed analysis of the CRM system's performance, and is scalable to any size of business. Siebel Systems has worked with blue chip retailers like Marks & Spencer, CompUSA, and Home Shopping Network to help them achieve a sustainable competitive advantage with its CRM applications.

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