Single Customer View closes Personalisation Gap

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on April 7, 2015

Single Customer View closes Personalisation Gap

As today's ecommerce companies take a 360 degree view of their potential consumers to maximise retention and sales, it is important that the single customer view (SCV) captures a host of information across all channels, according to Neil Capel, CEO for Sailthru.

It is only by understanding a wide amount of data based on personal behaviour and interests that enables ecommerce companies to communicate with their customers and prospects at the most influential times. Using SCVs at scale can offer insight into larger aggregate trends involving all of the consumers that visit your site.

One such example of aggregate trends is the growth of tablet use. They are becoming an increasingly popular platform for ecommerce purchases compared to smartphones. They are more tactile and have larger, easier to read screens. As more evidence points to the so-called 'couch commerce' - that is, watching TV while browsing and making purchases on tablets, then, what better time could there be to target them with personalised offers when they are multi-tasking in this way?

Armed with a detailed and accurate SCV, ecommerce brands can personalise communications with potential consumers and greatly increase purchase conversion. The SCV becomes the backbone for a wide range of tailored communications, whether via email, social, mobile app, SMS, onsite and more. These include automated and targeted campaigns based on when the individual likes to shop, on what device, and specifically what they are interested in.

Sailthru retail client, Alex and Ani, prides itself on enriching the firm's online customer experience by curating and personalising highly relevant content showcasing the variety of meanings behind its products and company. Using its unique stories helps to fuel the company's tremendous online sales growth.

There is tremendous noise among marketing technologies today, all claiming the ability to deliver a true SCV. Here are some key tips on what to look for in a provider:

  • Omnichannel Data This offers multiple points of entry for acquiring new consumers and once a relationship has been established, allows companies to interact with brands on multiple channels. Building a 360-degree view requires data from all of these channel sources.  
  • Long-Term Data Real-time access to data going back to the point of customer acquisition is needed to build true relevance based on an SCV. If your provider is using legacy systems and relational databases then this long-term view is impossible.  
  • Consumer Interest Graph A true 360-degree view includes a combination of both explicit behavioural data and implicit interest data that allows companies to personalise based on the whole. Ask what information your potential partner is collecting, if it's a name, location and behavioural data points, then you need more.  
  • Downstream Data Analysis With all of this data, companies need the ability to determine the long-term, downstream impact of all of their marketing decisions and tests. Without a turn-key advanced analytics platform, your omnichannel behavioural and interest data will not allow you to develop proprietary insights that drive innovation.

"Companies that invest in a true SCV will be able to reap the benefits of real-time personalisation," concluded Capel.

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