Smart card loyalty in Hong Kong cinemas

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on August 28, 2003

Smart card loyalty in Hong Kong cinemas

The Hong Kong cinema group, UA Cinemas, is to implement its new smart card-based 'E-Loyalty Club' using technology from contactless technology providers Inside Contactless and MajorLink.

The loyalty club's contactless smart card will contain Inside's contactless memory chip, the PicoTag 2KS, and make use of the M220H proximity card reader. MajorLink developed the retail smart card system for the new programme.

The system comprises a dedicated web site, kiosks, loyalty management software, and individually personalised smart membership cards. The programme aims to promote new services and the overall brand experience, to increase customer loyalty, and to enable purchases as well as managing data with a CRM engine monitoring usage and results.

How it works A photo kiosk aids the application process by taking the member's photograph, then printing a personalised smart card on the spot. Members can then earn and accumulate e-bonus points for every purchase with the cinema group, and later redeem those points for a variety of gifts and rewards.

The contactless card reader included with the PoS (point of sale) terminal allows bonus points to be updated immediately on the member's card. The loyalty kiosk also offers a self-service interactive screen from which members can find out about the latest movie titles, watch short previews, check their e-bonus points balance, and redeem points for rewards.

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