Smart credit card loyalty with a home PC interface

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on September 7, 2002

Smart credit card loyalty with a home PC interface

A new smartcard credit card and loyalty programme has been launched in Mexico by Banamex, offering members automatic on-the-spot discounts at hotels, restaurants, department stores and entertainment venues. The 'B Smart' programme also offers a free smart card reader which links the programme to members' web browsing and online shopping behaviour.

Aimed mainly at young people who want to take advantage of technology, the B Smart Card can carry out securely encrypted transactions in any establishment that has compatible point-of-sale technology. These transactions are made using the EMV (Europay Mastercard Visa) transaction standard.

A personalised service Card holders can request a free smart card reader from Banamex, which allows them to link the card to a home computer. The card can then store data about web site usage, favourite internet addresses, and even login names and passwords, so that it is easily accessible at any similarly equipped computer terminal wherever the card holder goes.

And beside carefully targeted promotions, members receive automatic discounts in the stores and venues they use most often, including restaurants, entertainment complexes and department stores. The consumer is also given personal control over payment plans and credit limits (including limits for secondary card holders).

The card also provides free travel insurance, and Banamex Premia points for all purchases anywhere in the world. Points may be redeemed for cash at any Banamex teller, or for goods and services at affiliated businesses and retailers.

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