SmartShop leaps from fingertips to loyalty cards

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on May 15, 2007

SmartShop leaps from fingertips to loyalty cards

With a view to encouraging further consumer adoption, Pay By Touch has added a loyalty card-based option to its biometric SmartShop service, which gives shoppers customised offers for the products they buy most as soon as they enter the store, before they do their shopping.

The SmartShop platform provides merchants and consumer packaged goods companies (CPGs) with a way to deliver relevant offers to the right shoppers at the right time, both in-store and online.

Engaging best customers According to John Rogers, CEO for Pay By Touch, the new card-based SmartShop option allows retailers to engage their best customers by letting them use their existing loyalty card to gain personalised offers, instead of requiring them to use biometric identification (i.e. a finger print).

Pay By Touch has noted that 70% of buying decisions are made in-store, and that less than 1% of grocery store coupons are ever redeemed. In effect, this means that millions of marketing dollars are potentially being wasted each year on offers that aren't relevant, or that are delivered at the wrong time, or through the wrong channel.

When added to a retailer's existing loyalty programme, SmartShop is designed to add more value for the retailer's best customers. It can also provide the basis for a behavioural loyalty rewards programme for retailers that do not yet have a loyalty programme of their own.

Early results suggests that merchants could potentially experience 20% - 50% shopper adoption of SmartShop, and an 8% - 12% sales lift among customers who choose to use the system. Pay By Touch has also suggested that the system could reduce advertising and direct mail print/distribution costs by 25% to 30%.

Early adopters Card-based SmartShop has already been implemented by Shop 'n Save stores in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area (branded 'Shop 'n Save Personalised Perks'), as well as Foodtown stores in New York and New Jersey, USA. These merchants will migrate to biometric SmartShop, and adopt Pay By Touch's biometric payment solution to let shoppers identify themselves, pay for purchases, and redeem loyalty rewards with the touch of a finger.

According to Greg Hartley, owner of three Shop 'n Save locations, "The service is a huge hit with our shoppers, with kiosks in each store receiving more than 300 visits a day. We are looking forward to seeing the kiosk in other Shop 'n Save stores."

Several leading CPGs have also joined the programme, including SC Johnson, among others. These companies aim to use the SmartShop platform to deliver personalised, relevant coupons and deepen their brand relationships with consumers.

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