Smith & Wesson aims at most loyal customers

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on October 15, 2004

Smith & Wesson aims at most loyal customers

The US gun maker Smith & Wesson has launched its new 'Smith & Wesson Club 1852' customer loyalty programme for owners of its various handguns, law enforcement products, firearm safety and security products.

The new loyalty programme has already enrolled 10,000 owners of Smith & Wesson (S&W) firearms. Membership in Smith & Wesson Club 1852 is free of charge; however, it does require ownership of a registered S&W firearm and the completion of an information warranty card.

Customer benefits Once enrolled, members receive a membership kit containing a personalised membership card, the latest S&W product catalogue, an apparel & accessories catalogue and other benefits.

The club's quarterly newsletter is also included to highlight current products, new product introductions, safety tips, and other articles of interest. As part of the membership, Club members are also added to the company's mailing list to receive notifications of local, regional, and national events.

Business benefits The new programme will also all the company to create a database of customer demographic information, and to log information about the interests of S&W product owners and buyers. The company expects, as a result, to better understand the demographics of its current customers and to be able to evaluate how its customer base might be evolving as a result of new product introductions and specific marketing initiatives. The product development, marketing, and sales teams will also use the club's database to focus on the interests of the customer base.

"The club is part of our overall plan to strengthen the relationship between Smith & Wesson and each of its customers, allowing the company to deepen its awareness of customers' interests, needs, profiles and buying patterns," said Roy Cuny, president and CEO for Smith & Wesson. "The information will be useful in our ongoing effort to build customer loyalty and meet customers' interest in the introduction of new products or features. It will also allow management to evaluate the impact of specific sales and marketing initiatives."

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