SNCF boosts loyalty and revenue with Accenture & Siebel

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on January 31, 2006

SNCF boosts loyalty and revenue with Accenture & Siebel

As a result of its recent implementation of CRM services from Siebel Systems, in partnership with Accenture, the French rail network operator SNCF expects up to 25% growth in revenue from increased customer loyalty.

SNCF (Societe Nationale des Chemins de Fer Francais), the French state-owned railway operator, is already gaining significant business value from Siebel's systems (implemented by Accenture). With Siebel Business Analytics, Siebel Call Centre, Siebel Marketing, and Siebel Loyalty Management, SNCF anticipates up to a 25% revenue increase in the customer loyalty segment. Each year, SNCF manages more than 16 million passengers and 135 million tons of freight. The company's annual revenues exceed US$5 billion.

The company's new CRMServices division used Siebel Systems to provide a critical link between loyalty and marketing, and will potentially reach 3 to 5 million customers through various targeted promotions. Sylvie Latour, CEO for CRMServices at SNCF, said: "We are redoubling our efforts to improve customer satisfaction."

Benefits of loyalty data SNCF wanted to build on its record of customer service success. One way to do this involved joining the S'Miles coalition loyalty programme, which includes other French companies such as Galeries Lafayette. Under this programme, SNCF's top customers received loyalty rewards once they provided identifying information about themselves.

For the first time, SNCF had customer data that provided insights into the specific travel and purchase behaviours of its most valuable customers. By expanding and reengineering its loyalty programme, the company believed it would be able to gain valuable insights of a much broader base of customers. This knowledge could, in turn, be used to design more targeted marketing and sales promotions for many more customer segments.

Value customer campaigns With Accenture's help, SNCF has developed a dedicated capability to build loyalty and create marketing campaigns for its most valued customers. With a keen focus on marketing and customer strategy, the Accenture team is helping SNCF to better target its key clients while also optimising pricing.

The success of this project is largely down to Accenture's ability to marshal resources to meet business objectives. According to Cyril Garnier, CIO for CRMServices, "We selected the Accenture/Siebel proposal because it was innovative, flexible, and simple, with a single solution for the entire domain, from loyalty programme management to data mining and call centres."

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