Social loyalty scheme rewards brand ambassadors

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on August 24, 2010

Social loyalty scheme rewards brand ambassadors

Social Rewards has announced that it has launched its social media loyalty rewards platform for electronics firm Sanyo during the recent 'Connected Marketing Week' in San Francisco, USA.

The social loyalty platform features a complex infrastructure that can track both consumer 'brand mentions' and sales activity, providing companies with analytics that can identify their top brand advocates and significant conversions by the most influential users.

Gaming giant Tropicana Las Vegas was the first to go live with the Social Rewards platform, and was the initial launch partner in August. Additionally, the Las Vegas based social media and internet marketing conference PubCon was the launch-pad for the platform's conference and event marketing capabilities.

Designed to work with a brand's existing loyalty programme or provide a platform upon which a brand can create, customise and create a new one, Social Rewards monitors and tracks tweets, location based check-ins (such as Foursquare), Facebook 'Likes', and other fan activity.

"The idea of Social Rewards is to take existing brand loyalty programme members that have social media tendencies and reward them for their loyalty and word of mouth activities with programme points that can be redeemed for tangible goods and services," explained Joseph Morin, CEO for Social Rewards. "The system was also designed to create customised programmes for companies that do not already have an existing loyalty programme."

Tropicana Las Vegas, an early adopter of social media, has already reported some degree of success with Social Rewards. According to Brandie Feuer, head of marketing for Tropicana Las Vegas, "We continue to have a strong social media presence but, until recently, we did not have a social loyalty programme to reward our brand ambassadors - and that's what Social Rewards allows us to do."

Social Rewards is a recent startup, founded by Joseph Morin and Mike Uesugi, both of whom are veterans of the digital industry. The platform is a blend of social media, affiliate marketing, and loyalty rewards programmes, aiming to reward consumer brand advocates with loyalty programme points for their social media activity.

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