Social site helps companies address dissatisfaction

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on January 16, 2009

Social site helps companies address dissatisfaction

MeasuredUp, a customer service-driven social networking web site, has begun offering businesses the tools they need to turn even the most dissatisfied customers into happy ones through its new 'Direct Connect' platform.

Over the past decade, millions of consumers have flocked to various online destinations to post reviews, comments, or complaints, which leads to some much-needed venting of feelings but usually no real resolution of the actual problem.

The new Direct Connect customer service platform was created to help companies engage directly with customers who have used the web site to discuss a negative experience.

Direct Connect enables any business to answer consumer questions, resolve problems, or even speak directly with troubled customers to help boost customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty.

"Consumers often feel disconnected with companies for a variety of reasons, and sometimes consider it a waste of time to even attempt to address their problem through the usual company support channels," explained's founder, Marc Karasu. "However, they do know that their opinion counts online, and we're pleased to be able to put businesses in touch with disenfranchised customers to give them an opportunity to make things right, win customers back, and strengthen their online reputation in the process."

Businesses that want to improve their customer service can create a MeasuredUp company profile and assign specific employees who will receive emails whenever a customer creates a support ticket online (or via a MeasuredUp support widget on the company's own web site). Companies can also choose to be notified when a consumer writes a related review, complaint, or compliment, enabling them to respond quickly and effectively to problems before they get out of hand.

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