Somerfield launches loyalty programme

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on March 9, 2004

Somerfield launches loyalty programme

The UK supermarket chain, Somerfield, has launched its new loyalty programme, 'Saver Card', offering members targeted savings and instant discounts on their shopping at the checkout.

In addition to savings in-store, the technology behind Saver Card - which has taken three years to develop - enables Somerfield to tailor special offers and discounts to each individual's shopping habits in real-time. For example, a customer who regularly buys fresh meat is likely to be given a discount tailored for that category, which should increase the offer's relevance and rate of uptake.

Member benefits The benefits of membership are clear - Somerfield's consumer-facing web site clearly states: "We save our best offers for cardholders". Apart from the members-only Saver Card deals, members also benefit from Saver Vouchers which are custom-generated at the checkout, and they can also earn various cash bonuses.

Interestingly, the programme works without loyalty points. Members make their savings instantly, in the same shopping trip as they are earned. This clearly differentiates Somerfield's loyalty programme from other UK supermarket programmes, by virtue of offering tiered pricing instead of redeemable reward points.

"By being so strongly customer focused, we can create coupons that are relevant to our shoppers and so truly reward our loyal shoppers," said Somerfield's Saver Card controller, Ian Fay.

Registration To join the Saver Card programme, customers fill in a registration form at their local store, and they receive a standard sized plastic card and two key fobs, all of which carry the customer's bar-coded member number. Shoppers can use whichever card they prefer, and are encouraged to provide other members of the family with the extra cards.

Data collected by the registration process includes the customer's name, address, e-mail address, password, telephone number, mobile number, date of birth, and household size by age group.

For those members joining the programme's e-mail newsletter service, Somerfield will send a bulletin every two weeks detailing the latest members-only offers, along with news about stores, product ranges, and web site updates.

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