South Africa: Vodacom offers generous loyalty credit card

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on January 23, 2007

South Africa: Vodacom offers generous loyalty credit card

The South African mobile telecoms operator Vodacom is offering its contract and prepaid subscribers a Vodacom Visa Credit Card that provides generous levels of loyalty points, cash-back, and discounts through partnerships with leading retailers and service providers.

The Vodacom Credit Card also offers customers a range of benefits including travel and leisure offers, safety and security deals, and education benefits, along with discounts on various products and services.

Loyalty rewards The card offers 10% cash-back when cardholders use it at furniture retailers (including Osiers, Furniture City, Dial-a-Bed, and Geen & Richards).

Members also earn loyalty points called Yebo Bucks for other purchases made using the card, at a standard rate of up to 2% of spend, but rising to 10% at major national retailers Game and Dion.

Yebo Bucks can be redeemed toward cellular, electronic and technology goods at all Vodashops, Vodacom4U, Game, and Dion stores nationwide.

Travel benefits Cardholders earn 25% discount on flights purchased using the card from the country's latest low-cost airline, Mango. They will also earn a free night for every two nights book at Conservation Corporation Africa Lodges, as well as earning 20% back at Southern Sun Hotels, and a 20% discount on full price daily rates at Imperial Car Rental.

Leisure benefits Cardholders automatically get 25% off their membership fees and 10% off their monthly fees at Vodacom World of Golf, Vodacom Golf Villages, and PlayMoreGolf SA.

Those signing up for a new Planet Fitness gym contract earn four months free for every twelve months signed up (so a 24 month contract earns eight months of free membership) when paying with the card. This also extends to a free year for 36 month contracts.

Other benefits With personal and vehicle safety in mind, Vodacom provides cardholders with special offers for Chubb home security packages and for Tracker vehicle tracking services.

Vodacom has also teamed up with UNISA Graduate School of Business Leadership (SBL) to offer cardholders a free laptop or 3G HSDPA card when they enrol for selected courses with the school.

Own-brand offerings Vodacom subscribers also benefit directly from using the card, gaining a 10% discount on prepaid airtime purchases, 50% off Look4Me and Look4Help subscriptions, and discounts on cellphone insurance packages.

There are no annual card fees, although customers are charged a monthly membership fee of ZAR29.00 (approx. US$4) if they wish to participate in the card's rewards and benefits scheme.

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