South African loyalty management service launches

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on November 20, 2006

South African loyalty management service launches

The South African CRM software firm LifeWorld Relationship Management has launched a new 'Member Management System' software platform, designed to help companies' customer service, retention and loyalty.

The new Member Management System (MMS) is an integrated system that connects everyone involved in the implementation of a customer loyalty programme throughout an enterprise, from programme managers and benefit providers to the members themselves.

Microsoft-based MMS itself is powered by Radical's CRM Framework and Microsoft SQL Server database, and runs on Microsoft Windows. It has also been web-enabled for its remote access and customer self service options.

The programme provides the loyalty programme operator with an easy-to-use interface, and business benefits such as: improved customer service levels, better customer information, optimised customer-centric processes, increased customer retention, effective management reporting, low cost of ownership, short deployment time, and full customisation.

IT problems addressed According to LifeWorld's operations director, Rosemary Atwell, the development of the system came about when the company identified the need among its clients for a comprehensive customer club member management system: "First, there was the inability of some clients' IT infrastructure to record programme member details and track the redemption of benefits. Second, clients' call centres didn't have the knowledge to field calls relating to membership benefits - or even resolve or escalate problems in some cases."

MMS enables its users to track and report membership activity including registrations, dormancy, churn and redemptions. In this way the loyalty programme's most unpopular benefits - and those that inspire the most interest - are easily identifiable. Another advantage is that the effectiveness of each customer programme can be monitored and adjusted as necessary.

Customised by sector Because the final programme is customised for the client's industry it can be made to fit IT requirements whether hosted in-house or as an ASP application (hosted and managed by LifeWorld).

Another key feature of the system is its ability to filter data to create and manage targeted campaigns designed according to member preferences, demographics, and even geographic location.

LifeWorld says it has signed a number of clients who are already making use of the new service through its Contact Hub, which houses trained agents who are record the details of each call and use the system's built-in rules and escalation processes. Recent clients include LEGIT Club (managing the retailer's club membership base and running specialised campaigns), and Blue Bulls (managing season ticket holders, suite owners, and the supporter's club).

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