South Africa's loyalty marketing summit takes off

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on June 22, 2005

South Africa's loyalty marketing summit takes off

The details of South Africa's new one-day Loyalty Summit have been confirmed; the day will include presentations from Colloquy, The Wise Marketer, Razor's Edge and the organiser, Achievement Awards Group, covering all aspects of loyalty marketing in South Africa's unique economy.

The summit is designed to benefit retailers, banks, financial institutions, and telecoms firms operating in South Africa, and is targeted at individuals who are involved at a strategic level in loyalty marketing, brand marketing, direct marketing, CRM or customer experience management.

At the loyalty marketing summit in Johannesburg, delegates will receive insights and ideas from Kelly Hlavinka (from The Colloquy Group, USA), Robin and Peter Clark from The Wise Marketer (UK and South Africa), Bruce Conradie (from Razor's Edge, South Africa), and Deon Olivier (Achievement Awards Group, South Africa).

Main topics Key sessions will include:

  • Introduction – Loyalty Marketing: Then and Now The evolution of loyalty marketing; the loyalty marketing philosophy; what loyalty marketing can and can't achieve; programme types and industry suitability.  
  • Loyalty Marketing Programmes – Strategy, Structure, Execution Designing and running a loyalty marketing programme, including needs assessment, strategic alignment, programme structure and implementation.  
  • ROI Modelling and Global Financial Benchmarks Financial benefits by industry and how to determine projected returns in your own business.  
  • Outsourced Vs. In-House Programmes The opportunities and challenges of self-managed vs. third party-managed programmes, including: research and development, technical infrastructure, resource allocation, training and staff support, return on investment potential.  
  • Loyalty Marketing in South Africa A comprehensive look at the South African loyalty marketing landscape, including current loyalty marketing initiatives per industry sector, success stories, challenges and opportunities.  
  • International Trends, Best Practices and Future Opportunities Where loyalty marketing is heading on a global scale; who's winning in loyalty marketing, who isn't; new technologies and advances.  
  • Conclusion and Executive Summary All presentation material and issues raised in discussion will be collated into a PowerPoint executive summary that attendees will be able to take away.

Educational Among the benefits of attendance are networking and idea sharing, explanations of key concepts in loyalty and branding, insight into the local and international loyalty marketing arenas, understanding emerging trends, and of course printed and digital copies of the day's presentations along with bonus materials including a PowerPoint Executive Summary of the whole summit.

Bookings Delegate passes are R2,850 each (approx. US$420 / UK£230), and bookings can be made either online (at or by faxing back the booking form from the PDF Brochure. For more details, call Belinda James on +27 (21) 787 9214.

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