Starbucks Mexico launches m-coupon loyalty scheme

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on May 4, 2009

Starbucks Mexico launches m-coupon loyalty scheme

The mobile technology firm Codilink has launched a new solution allowing companies to offer loyalty programmes to their customers using multiple interactive channels, including SMS mobile couponing, coupons by mail, or cut-out coupons in printed media.

Members of loyalty programmes based on the new platform receive their mobile coupon in the form of a two-dimensional bar code which can then be activated in any participating retail store.

The coupon's code can be used multiple times with different rewards being provided each time, meaning that a simple coupon effectively becomes a loyalty rewards programme identifier.

An example of the system in action was the loyalty programme launched by Starbucks Coffee for its customers in Guadalajara and San Luis Potosi in Mexico in March. The programme aims to increase footfall for participating stores by recognising and rewarding regular customers' visits in various ways. According to Ivan Ahedo, director of marketing for Starbucks Mexico, "We are convinced that the technology allows us to get closer to customers and offer benefits that are actually usable. The technology also allows us to monitor and analyse the behaviour patterns of our clients so we get to know them better and offer more benefits and better quality."

The scanner provided by Codilink checks the validity of the coupon in real time and sends the information to a central database which monitors consumer patterns and reports on the benefits awarded to each end-user.

Rodrigo Rivero Borrell, partner and director for Codilink Mexico, explained: "The cell phone is becoming increasingly important in consumers' lifestyle, not only providing voice services but also other solutions that involve data and applications developed specifically for brands. There is a learning process for both brands and customers but we are sure that, with examples like Starbucks, companies will gain the confidence to develop their own initiatives using mobile barcodes."

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