Streetcar launches corporate rewards platform

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on August 23, 2005

Streetcar launches corporate rewards platform

The South African online gifts company Streetcar has launched a corporate rewards programme called Streetcar Rewards, which provides brand-customised corporate rewards shopping web sites for staff and client incentives, loyalty and motivation.

The e-shopping sites set up within the programme can be customised according to each client company's identity, and operate under any brand name required. The sites enable employers and marketers to award electronic points to reward recipients, whether employees, business clients or customers. Point awards are transmitted to the recipient either via email or SMS text message.

Redemptions Programme members (the reward recipients) can then go online and redeem their points by shopping for a reward of their choice, choosing from the gifts featured on the web site of the brand that brought them into the programme.

Rewards include gift vouchers from leading South African department stores, shopping malls, restaurants chains, and merchandise and unique personal experiences. The rewards have, very wisely, been pitched at a fairly inexpensive level, starting from as little as R100 (approx. US$15), excluding packaging and delivery.

Birthday reminders Streetcar Rewards also features a birthday system through which automated SMS or email messages can be sent to individual employees or clients on their birthdays.

The system can also remind appropriate staff members - again either by SMS or email - of an individual member's birthday, providing contact details of the client in case they wish to send a congratulatory message in person. Microsoft South Africa has been using Streetcar's Birthday Club system successfully for five years.

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