Study reveals e-shopping habit surprises

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on June 26, 2012

A study from Rakuten's retail web site has revealed that British online shoppers are trying to 'beat the Monday blues' with e-retail therapy after work, and that mobile retail browsing is increasingly taking place during the morning commute time, along other fun findings.

Apart from making themselves feel better about Mondays by doing some shopping on the internet when they get home (the e-retailer records its highest browsing figures and highest volume sales conversions from 8pm - 10pm every Monday), the average British consumer also seems to enjoy late night browsing on Fridays after a few drinks, and often takes less than one minute to make decisions about clothes and book purchases online.

Mobile retail browsing was found to surge on Monday mornings from 7am to 8am, and the pattern of browsing from bed or on the early morning commute is echoed throughout the week, with the highest levels of mobile browser activity usually occurring between 6am and 8am. Interestingly for marketers, shoppers are most likely to click through on deals via their mobile devices during this same early morning timeframe, suggesting that overnight delivery of personally relevant offers may be advantageous.

According to Adam Stewart, marketing director for, "Even though mobile shopping is gaining significant momentum, our findings suggest that it's still mainly the tech-savvy audience that's making the leap to mobile commerce. For example, consumers using the mobile channel are more likely than their desktop computer using counterparts to purchase new technologies such as Blu-Ray."

And, while consumers enjoy browsing on a Friday night (with a weekly peak in late night shopping conversions from midnight on Friday), the early hours 'avid gamer' also contributes heavily to a rise in the average order value as video game and technology fans tend to buy the latest releases at around 4am.

The web browser 'dwell times' recorded by also suggest that fashion and literature are the consumer's impulse purchases of choice, with the average user dwelling for a little over 40 seconds on clothes before purchasing, and under 1 minute on books - compared to more carefully considered purchases such as televisions, which have an average dwell time of approximately 2 minutes.

Thursday morning is the second most significant day of the week for online sales, the company reports - and particularly sales of high-value electrical goods. This peak also coincides with a rise in premium delivery requests as shoppers try to get their big ticket items delivered in time for the coming weekend.

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