Sundogs and Newfangled Studios launch new partnership to help brands supercharge human creativity with AI

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Posted on November 21, 2023

The new creative partnership comes at a time when brands are currently spending over $200 billion annually on ineffective ads

BOSTON, NOV. 15, 2023: How can brands unleash human creativity and supercharge it with AI? That’s exactly the question Sundogs founder Ben Jones, who also founded Unskippable Labs at Google, and Macaela VanderMost, Owner/Executive Creative Director at Newfangled Studios, are offering to solve for the world’s most celebrated brands with their new partnership.

With the average digital media buy representing 54% of total ad spend2 across 50+ ad units, the days of brands taking a one-size-fits all approach to advertising are long gone. In its place is a complex media landscape requiring assets to be tailored to specific ad units and optimized using generative AI.

As a creative production agency that specializes in social-first, digitally native campaigns, Newfangled Studios produces creative campaigns for a number of industry-leading brands including YouTube, Google Pixel, Google Chrome and The Google App.

“AI’s impact on media planning is allowing us to think in a more modular way by creating smart videos, images, and headlines that can be mixed and matched by AI to get the best outcome,” said VanderMost. “Creative effectiveness moving forward will hinge on how brands feed the AI machine to help their campaigns scale assets across screens, devices and contexts.”

However, creative is still the dominant driver of ROI. Understanding how to build creative effectiveness into the rapidly evolving AI models will be critical to the next generation of advertising success.

“As media automation increases and privacy signals are muted, the power of creative will only increase. And while I love the magical transformations of AI models, if we don’t know what’s more effective in them, we’re wasting our time,” said Jones. “That comes from creative hypotheses explored through experimentation with advanced partners like Newfangled. Together, we’ll be able to build better models faster by uncovering and scaling new levers of creative value.”

Led by Ben Jones, former Global Creative Director fo Google, and co-founder, entrepreneur Jonathan Savitch, Sundogs has compiled a team of Cannes-winning creatives, cutting edge data scientists, and strategic experimenters focused on using the power of data and AI in service of creative.

Reach out today to learn more about how Sundogs and Newfangled Studios can help prepare your brand for an AI-enabled creative landscape:

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About Sundogs

Sundogs is a creative services company focused on using the power of data and AI in service of creative. A global collection of Cannes-winning creatives, cutting edge data scientists, Sundogs has spent the last decade pioneering creative guidance, and shaping the strategies of the world’s largest and most complex brands to deliver outsized returns.

About Newfangled Studios

Newfangled Studios is a next-generation production agency, combining social-first innovation, great storytelling, and a grounding in business results with a worldview built around respect and inclusion, especially in working with Creators. Recently named one of Adweek’s fastest growing agencies and longtime partners to the Sundogs team, they have helped identify and execute patterns of creative effectiveness across global marketing campaigns.

*Creative Data: A Recession Antidote 2Creative Data: A Recession Antidote