Sundrop unveils cardless mobile loyalty scheme

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on October 1, 2010

Sundrop unveils cardless mobile loyalty scheme

US-based POS system developer National Computer Corporation (NCC) has integrated and interfaced with Sundrop Mobile's LoyalTXT cardless loyalty solution which combines mobile and social media marketing.

The new integrated software platform is intended to transform NCC's existing point of sale terminals into a "point of marketing terminal", making it easier for merchants to integrate marketing capabilities into their daily operations.

LoyalTXT uses customers' mobile phones and SMS (text messaging) as a replacement for the traditional plastic loyalty card. The system can be used to drive a stand-alone loyalty programme or it can be used in conjunction with an existing card-based loyalty system.

Now, at any LoyalTXT-enabled NCC point of sale terminal, the store employee can simply ask for and enter the customer's mobile phone number to automatically track purchases for loyalty rewards.

First-time registrants immediately receive a text message welcoming them to the programme, and requesting a reply with their email address. When the customer replies with their email address, they then receive an email message that contains an introduction to the programme and a link to a web site to allows them to complete their registration (to enter their name, address, date of birth, and so on).

Because customers complete the programme's registration form electronically after their visit to the merchant, the retailer in no longer required to collect distributed registration cards or deal with data transcription problems.

As a result, employees can advocate the store's loyalty programme and get customers signed up without slowing down the check-out process.

The benefit for customers is that they carry their loyalty card everywhere after signing up, as long as they've got their mobile phone with them. After each visit, LoyalTXT provides each customer with a status text message to further engage them, and to avoid them losing interest in the programme over time.

The platform is also fully integrated with Facebook, offering Facebook users a one-click registration process to complete their enrollment into the loyalty scheme. Once linked, LoyalTXT posts relevant notices to customers' Facebook walls (such as when the customer joins the programme, or earns a reward).

Customers' friends can then also see these notices and follow the links, where they are presented with a special offer to encourage them to also join the programme and patronise the merchant's stores.

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