Taishin Bank to use Welcome's smart loyalty cards

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on May 20, 2003

Taishin Bank to use Welcome's smart loyalty cards

Taiwan-based Taishin Bank is to use the XLS smart card transaction platform from Welcome Real-time to support the issue of EMV-standard credit cards by the end of 2003.

The EMV (Eurocard/Mastercard/Visa) transaction process enabled by the XLS platform has been designed to boost revenues through dynamic loyalty programmes (i.e. instantly awarded loyalty points) and a number of other specialised point-of-sale features.

"Dynamic loyalty is one of the smart transaction features that will make Taishin Bank's card irresistible to their customers, and will differentiate the bank from its competitors," said Welcome Asia-Pacific's CEO, Alex Tan.

Welcome's smart card software also provides merchants with real-time point-of-sale features including welcome gifts, surprise bonuses, personal reminders, targeted samples, loyalty points schemes, coupons, punch cards, vouchers, tickets, and cash back options.

Migration opportunity Because the bank's existing magnetic stripe credit cards are due for replacement with EMV standard smart cards, Taishin Bank decided to take advantage of the migration process to maximise the value of its new EMV cards by introducing other applications, including customer loyalty.

"Welcome's successful reference sites and their platform independent software technology helped make our choice easier," explained Taishin's president, Daniel Tsai.

Founded in 1992, Taishin Bank has issued over 3.5 million cards and claims to be Taiwan's second largest local card issuing bank.

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