Taiwan trials mobile/NFC payments & couponing

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Posted on February 14, 2007

Taiwan trials mobile/NFC payments & couponing

The contactless payments technology firm ViVOtech has announced the first deployment of an end-to-end NFC payment and promotional couponing system in Taiwan, as part of a joint initiative by MasterCard, Taipei Fubon Bank, and Taiwan Mobile.

The three companies are launching the broad-based NFC mobile phone payment pilot programme based on ViVOtech technologies already in use in the region. ViVOtech's over-the-air (OTA) infrastructure solution, ViVOnfc Suite 2.0, enables programme participants to securely download Taipei Fubon MasterCard PayPass cards, as well as incentive promotions and coupons over the cellular networks directly to their NFC mobile phones.

NFC couponing Available for the first time, coupons are also downloaded using NFC technology by simply touching mobile phones on smart posters located throughout the region and at retailer's storefronts.

According to Michael Mullagh, ViVOtech's CEO, "The OTA infrastructure ensures that issuers and retailers are all able to work in unison with cellular carriers to deliver better value and ease of use to consumers."

Mobile phone-based wallets Consumer participants in the programme will use the ViVOwallet software application on their NFC-enabled mobile phone handset to view and select cards for payment, and coupons for redemption at ViVOpay-enabled point of sale systems.

These contactless POS systems are installed at some of the biggest retailers throughout Taipei and are used by touching the mobile phone to the reader to transfer card and coupon information.

Behind the scenes NFC is a secure, very short-range wireless technology that enables contactless communication between devices. Contactless payments are only one of the many data-transfer applications that NFC technology enables, making it an attractive technology for carriers looking to increase handset utility for consumers.

At the same time, MasterCard PayPass offers a convenient alternative to cash that allows for small-ticket purchases to be completed quickly, securely and easily (with no need to sign a receipt for purchases under US$25 in value). Users can tap their PayPass-enabled phone, card, or other device on the PayPass reader at participating merchants and their payment is made instantly.

Smart posters a reality ViVOtech is also providing coupon-enabled smart posters and ViVOPay contactless readers for the pilot programme. All ViVOtech components have been delivered in the native Mandarin language to make it easy for trial participants to use them. The programme roll-out began earlier this month.

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