Talking On-Demand Consumer Research With Suzy Founder & CEO, Matt Britton

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on June 18, 2021

Bill Hanifin, CLMP, recently sat down with Matt Britton, Suzy Founder & CEO, to find out how Suzy's innovative enterprise software platform is being leveraged by leading brands to go direct to consumer for the sake of market research. Suzy's goal is to connect businesses with the customers that matter most and get instant, on-demand, reliable, and trustworthy feedback.

Suzy is disrupting the traditional, cumbersome, and expensive market research industry. They are democratizing market research and eliminating the need for service groups which can be inefficient, slow, and expensive. Though, Suzy is the first to admit they didn't invent this model, the company is continually updating their platform to make it more accessible for everyone.

The Suzy platform has been leveraged for various types of situations from making a last minute decision on running a Super Bowl ad, to launching a new website, or even choosing which color to paint a building. Suzy's success is helping to answer the ultimate question chased by market research: uncovering not only the “what”, but the “why” behind consumer sentiment and choice. If you discover the why, the decisions you can make with confidence multiply and go beyond one product, extending their influence to other products.

Suzy's research is fielded via CrowdTap, a free app that invites consumers to answer questions and earn rewards. The amount of points a user earns is dictated by how difficult or lengthy the question. The rewards are funded by a percentage of sales which benefit Suzy's customers and enhance the type of rewards available such as Spotify subscriptions, Amazon gift cards, and other digital rewards.

Now that market research can be fielded in house by nearly anybody (i.e. non-market research experts), participating companies will need to be educated on how to set research goals and ask the right questions. Suzy spends substantial time and effort educating their customers on market research, which increases the usability and performance of its platform.

Market research has always been in demand, but has substantially increased due to the pandemic. The need for immediate consumer research and insights has hit an all-time high. Companies are focused on innovation as they produce new and different products and services to meet the demand and behaviors shaped by over a year of hardship. In addition, a cookie-less world will create “blind-spots” for marketers, which increases the need for Suzy's services.

We hope you find this discussion valuable and entertaining.

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