Templeton loyalty workshop details announced

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Posted on November 13, 2007

Templeton loyalty workshop details announced

What has traditionally been known to UK marketers as the 'Templeton Loyalty Workshop', under its new name 'The Oxford Loyalty Marketing Workshop', will be held from 16th to 18th April 2008. The workshop's title will be 'Providing global insights into customer retention and value creation'.

The workshop, led by Dr Richard Cuthbertson, aims to provide the understanding necessary to build loyal customer relationships in a cost-effective way that helps achieve practical organisational goals.

Expanded horizons In this globally acclaimed annual workshop, directors and senior managers with responsibilities for building consumer loyalty are offered the opportunity to explore the latest thinking in understanding and communicating with consumers as individuals whilst recognising their combined impact on the business.

The format has been tried and tested over several years, and keeps to a deliberately small scale approach. The workshop was designed to encourage participation with subject experts, and focuses on individual learning. The Oxford-based workshop takes place over three days and is fully residential.

Workshop objectives According to Cuthbertson, the workshop's objectives this year include:

  • To provide a small scale forum for practical discussion between experts involved in developing and managing consumer loyalty;  
  • To identify best practice in using consumer data to cost-effectively support and develop consumer loyalty to a business;  
  • To expose new ideas and practices in loyalty marketing from around the world;  
  • To focus on the practical development needs of individual participants enabling them to make an immediate positive impact on their business following the workshop.

What's on the agenda? The workshop this year will comprise a mixture of subject briefings, case studies and tutorial sessions. The subject briefings aim to cover the key aspects of developing consumer loyalty through the use of customer data, from strategic marketing, financial, operational and future perspectives.

At the same time, case studies will provide practitioner views of current approaches. This year the workshop will be considering the Nectar collation programme including American Express, BP, Debenhams and Sainsbury's; the approach of Dunnhumby (the force providing relevance marketing and much more for global clients, such as Tesco in the UK and Kroger in the US); and of course new initiatives in rapidly developing markets (such as the Malina programme in Russia, which is managed by CM4P).

The workshop breakout and tutorial sessions will also reflect Oxford's tradition of challenging and developing each individual, helping attendees to see issues from a different perspective, and establishing strong relationships.

Signing up The Loyalty Marketing Workshop is a fully residential programme running from the afternoon of 16th April to the afternoon of 18th April. The attendance fee is £1,575 plus VAT. This includes all meals and accommodation, as well as tuition, books and other materials. Attendees' companies will be invoiced.

Discounts are available for companies sending more than one participant. For details and registration, contact Denise Edwards (denise.edwards@sbs.ox.ac.uk) - tel. +44 1865 422736.

Editor's note: While this event was originally planned for mid-December 2007, the difficulties of travel at that time of year meant that the event had to be moved back a few months to allow delegates to travel more easily.

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