Ten-fold returns from data warehouse upgrade

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on May 3, 2002

Ten-fold returns from data warehouse upgrade

The French retail giant, Casino Group, has performed a massive upgrade of its data warehouse facility using software, hardware and other services from Teradata. The new data warehouse will store up to 10 terabytes (ten million megabytes) of information, and will provide Casino with a single, highly detailed view of its business operations.

Casino Group currently uses its Teradata data warehouse to support product, customer, and store-related decision making. The latest upgrade has improved the group's ability to analyse customer information and means the company can develop more advanced ways of increasing customer loyalty to its retail chains.

More than ten-fold ROI With the insight provided by the Teradata data warehouse for its targeted marketing campaigns, Casino has realised returns of ten euros for every euro spent. "Thanks to our Teradata enterprise data warehouse, we have a unique vision of the group's customers, and the early returns on our direct-marketing investments have become rapidly apparent," said Jean Luc Galzi, information systems manager at Casino Group. The new technology gives Casino a better understanding of its customers, providing an overall view of their behaviour which means more precise marketing and advertising campaigns can be developed - with a better return on investment, and lower advertising costs.

Increasing loyalty Galzi added that, "as far as services are concerned, knowing your customer just isn't enough. You also need to identify the factors likely to win customer's loyalty and increase customer satisfaction. Rapid and simple access to data is essential in achieving this aim."

Since 1994, the data warehouse has handled all data relating to purchasing, sales, logistics, product mixes, pricing and inventories. The data warehouse has grown from 80 gigabytes to 10 terabytes since 1994, with a corresponding increase in the number of users from 50 to 1,500 (who collectively make an average of 25,000 business-related queries every day).  This growth is due to the solution's success and the expanding needs of users throughout the group. Casino Group now has the distinction of being the largest Teradata customer in France.

"The size of the system is not the most important feature. The essential point is that the solution has become indispensable to the users," added Galzi. More information about the Casino Group is available from its web site: http://www.groupe-casino.fr (French language).

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