Ten tips for effective marketing this summer

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on August 9, 2012

Ten tips for effective marketing this summer

With the arrival of summer, B2C (business-to-consumer) marketers often find that their best prospects are away on holiday, distracted from their regular retail habits - which makes them hard to reach through the usual techniques and channels, according to digital marketing specialist Responsys, which suggests a few good ideas for more effective summer marketing.

Even though many people are on holiday, the summer can actually be the ideal time to reach your target audience, provided that marketers go about it in the right ways.

According to Simon Robinson, senior director of marketing & alliances for Responsys, the absence of even a large part of your target market does not mean that there's no point in targeting the rest. Among his ideas for effective summer marketing:

  1. When sending out email campaigns keep in mind that people might be outdoors or on leave, receiving your email on their smartphone. So be sure to optimise your mailings for mobile devices.  
  2. For the same reason keep your emails short, precise and relevant - there are so many nice things to do outdoors. If you get your readers' attention, don't waste their time.  
  3. Add value to your mailings by giving your customers useful advice - with short notices on weather, cool drinks or sun protection, you make their read more entertaining and relevant.  
  4. You might consider special offers that go together with a purchase, whether that's a water pistol, an umbrella, or the chance to win a last-minute trip to a summer paradise location.  
  5. You have customers that never have the time to investigate your products, so the time is right to contact them because their daily dose of stress might be lower than normal, and they might well appreciate your input.  
  6. Keep in mind that your competitors are probably also on holiday, so there might be less serious competition in summer.  
  7. Reconsider the channels you are using. Most people gravitate toward social channels when they're taking leisure time, so it may be appropriate to step up your focus on social and display ads for summer.  
  8. Start planning for the biggest season of all. After all, Christmas is only six months away.  
  9. Avoid all major brand activities such as product launches or big campaigns and projects. Keep them for when the holidays are over.  
  10. And last but not least, take a little time out to relax, recharge your own batteries, and let new ideas flow more easily.

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