Teriyaki Madness’ Loyalty Upgrades Aren't Skinny Noodles

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on December 24, 2020

It’s a mad dash towards the end of 2020, but rather than letting the year simmer away into the distance of memory, Teriyaki Madness is wrapping things up with a sizzle of positive news for the world of loyalty. It’s been a tough time for restaurants, but the rapidly growing fast-casual Teriyaki Madness franchise is reporting positive results for its loyalty program and is doubling-down on further upgrades to its customer program.

An analysis of the Teriyaki Madness loyalty program revealed that loyalty members spend an average of 17% more per order than non-loyalty members, and the number of total members in its participation base continues to climb.

"Since last year, we've found that our loyalty program results in an increased frequency of visits from customers. Plus, loyalty members spend 17% more on average than non-loyalty customers," claims Michael Haith, CEO of Teriyaki Madness. "Showing love to repeat customers is key to driving business, and at Teriyaki Madness, we are grateful for our loyal customers and want to reward them for choosing to satisfy their cravings with us."

Teriyaki Madness Loyalty Program Expansion Plan

The program is undergoing an expansion plan to continue attracting new eyeballs and satisfying the cravings of its current crowd. The first iteration of the program is only a year old and established a points accrual format which allowed customers to collect words such as free drinks, sides, and meals. For the revitalization project, the program continues promoting food as an incentivization method, but the tactical strategy is becoming channel-focused. A new mobile app allows members to expedite their engagement with the brand, catering to on-the-go appetites while attempting to pick up on the soaring take-out and delivery business, all which thrive on digital platforms. App download is encouraged through the offer schema; customers can receive a free meal simply by downloading the platform to their devices. A further tier cements relevance and sentiments of FOMO through a sweepstakes tactic based on timely app participation; loyalty members who place four mobile orders throughout December will be entered into a drawing to win an iPhone 12.

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According to Haith, Teriyaki Madness's mobile app is in some ways a natural extension of the brand's core values.

"We built ourselves for convenience," Haith said. "We have a very simple menu, and delivery is a great way for us to get our food to customers at home. We built our technology around leveraging third-party delivery services rather than our own crews, and it now works with all available delivery providers in most of its markets."

Loyalty Upgrades Beyond the Bowl

These loyalty upgrades come at a frenetic period for customers on the brands they patronize. Covid-19 fatigue is strong, and many are yearning for a time to safely get back to in-restaurant behaviors. But the continued threat of the pandemic is still incentive enough to keep channels such as mobile ordering and take-out service top of mind for wide audience segments. While these tactics will continue to prove their critical value in the months ahead, Teriyaki Madness should not forget about the future world of loyalty and will need to bring brick-and-mortar experiences back to center plate. Now is the perfect time to be strategizing such maneuvers, and the brand should be prepared for a competitive battle between establishments when the time to return to normalcy arrives.