Terminal enables personalised NFC mobile loyalty

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on December 28, 2010

Terminal enables personalised NFC mobile loyalty

US-based Near Field Communication (NFC) software and contactless payment systems provider ViVOtech has recently unveiled a new type of customer-facing payment acceptance terminal, combining EMV payment chips with NFC technology.

The ViVOpay 8800e terminal for merchants features EMV, PCI 2.1 certification, built-in contactless NFC technology, a 16 million colour HD display, and a tactile keypad enabling merchants worldwide to accept EMV smart cards, contactless cards, magnetic-stripe cards, as well as mobile handset-based NFC payments.

But apart from being able to accept all forms of card and mobile payment, the same system also allows merchants to deliver personalised NFC mobile loyalty and marketing programmes directly to their customers' mobile handsets.

As the newest member of the ViVOpay 8000 series, the ViVOpay 8800e provides built-in contactless NFC mobile acceptance support, along with the ViVOcomm protocol and intelligent mobile loyalty software that allows merchants to offer mobile coupons, offers and loyalty programmes to help drive additional store traffic and create up-selling opportunities while customers are still in the store.

The terminal also allows customers to redeem their mobile coupons and promotions electronically, using either contactless or mag-stripe cards, or by NFC (either using NFC stickers attached to existing phones, or built into NFC-enabled mobile phones).

"With tens of millions of NFC mobile phones about to hit the market in 2011 and EMV continuing to gain traction in the US, merchants have to be ready for a surge in consumer interest," explained Mohammad Khan, president and founder of ViVOtech.

Equipped with an ARM9 processor, Linux operating system, contactless NFC reader, magnetic-stripe reader, and high-capacity memory, the device should help merchants to future-proof their investment for the next generation of customer-facing devices that will grow over time, driven by a highly mobile consumer base.

The company says that the 8000 series can interface with the most popular POS and ECR systems used by retailers today, and post-deployment firmware updates via remote download help to keep the system current and compliant, while eliminating the need for additional hardware or device resetting.

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