Tesco offers double Clubcard points on Green goods

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on February 19, 2007

Following its earlier Green promotion in which customers are rewarded for reusing plastic carrier bags, members of Tesco's Clubcard loyalty programme in the UK are to be awarded double Clubcard points when they buy products from the supermarket chain's popular green and organic ranges.

The new loyalty card-based Green campaign follows the launch of an initiative last year (see 7 Aug. 2006) which encouraged loyalty card holders to reuse plastic carrier bags by awarding double points for doing so.

Going organic
Now, customers purchasing products such as organic fruit and vegetables, energy-efficient light bulbs, and environment-friendly brands (such as Tesco's own Naturally and Ecover) will earn double the number of Clubcard Points for an eight-week period from 15th February 2007.

The promotion is being supported through a high-profile in-store campaign, a special Green Clubcard mailing, and a television advertising campaign featuring a variety of well-known television stars.

Altering behaviour
According to Tesco's marketing director, Ian Crook, last year's bag reuse scheme has already helped save some 300 million carrier bags by changing consumer behaviour, and company now hopes to help consumers do more for the environment by awarding double Clubcard points for buying Green products.

Crook revealed that the bag re-use scheme has put Tesco well on track to meet its target of cutting carrier bags issued by 25% by 2008, and that some 4 million customers have already collected Green Clubcard points through the programme. Interestingly, the programme even rewards customers for reusing shopping bags issued by competitors.

More Green rewards
Members can also earn Green Clubcard points for recycling their old mobile phone handsets and inkjet printer cartridges. Customers collect 500 points or 5 to charity for each working phone recycled, and 100 points or 1 to charity for non-working phones. For recycled inkjet printer cartridges, customers receive 100 Clubcard Points or 1 to charity. Freepost envelopes are available in store for this.

Clubcard was launched in 1995 and claims over 13 million active member accounts. Clubcard holders ordinarily earn 1 point for every 1 they spend at Tesco. Points are collected and sent back to customers four times a year in the form of Clubcard Vouchers.

Customers can redeem these vouchers in-store for their face value, or they can exchange them for Clubcard Deals Tokens and benefit by up to four times the face value through special offers (for example days out or gym memberships).

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