Tesco provides health & nutrition advice in Kensington

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on February 1, 2003

UK supermarket, Tesco, is now providing its customers with health advice in its flagship Kensington store. An interactive, self-service kiosk from Healthnotes is aimed at enhancing the shopping experience by quickly and privately answering questions about health, food and nutrition.

The touch-screen system has been placed within the 'learning zone' of the in-store Nutri-Centre. But apart from being a customer service tool, the system also provides information on which products and topics are of the most interest to the store's customers.

According to the system's category management report, after the first 66 days of use in the Kensington store, Healthnotes had answered more than 2,800 customer questions on subjects as diverse as healthy eating, weight loss, athletic performance, osteoarthritis, diabetes, and the common cold.

Health conscious
"Consumers today are taking more interest in managing their health and are overwhelmed by the choices," said Michael Peet, vice president for Healthnotes. "But now Tesco and The Nutri Centre can provide shoppers with useful information to help them make decisions in-store."

The demand for complementary health products has more than doubled within the past 12 months, according to Tesco's research. This highlights consumers' increasing tendency to assume responsibility for their own health.

And that trend is set to continue, according to The Nutri Centre's founder, Rohit Mehta: "This reflects a change in attitude, with consumers looking beyond conventional pharmaceuticals to vitamins, supplements and herbal remedies."

For more information:
·  Visit Healthnotes at www.healthnotes.com
·  Visit Tesco at www.tesco.co.uk