Tesco races ahead in UK supermarket stakes

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on June 1, 2005

According to the latest analysis of UK supermarkets' market share from TNS Superpanel, a recovery in Sainsbury's market has been building, with its share lifting from 15.5% a year ago to 15.9% now, representing real turnover growth of 5%. But the clear leader in the field is still Tesco, with a still-widening lead.

Sainsbury's strong performance has been achieved in the face of relentless pressure from Tesco, which continues its recent run of double-digit turnover growth to post a share of 29.8% (up from 27.5% a year ago).

Against this competitive background, TNS says that Asda suffered a small loss of share (from 16.6% to 16.5%), underlining the fact that the EDLP supermarket's growth has slowed from the levels seen last year.

Elsewhere, the growth of the Morrisons fascia continues although, as before, this is more than negated by the decline of Safeway, bringing the combined Morrisons/Safeway share down to 12.2% from 14.4% a year ago.

However, the Somerfield fascia is currently performing increasingly, aided by Kwik Save conversions. They are now the subject of a bid approach from the Baugur-Tchenguiz consortium, according to Edward Garner, communications director for TNS Superpanel.

All told, the UK supermarket share figures over the past year show that Tesco continues to build on its impressive market lead while its closest rivals, Asda and Sainsbury's continue to fight for second place, as shown by TNS's historical market share charts (an extract of the full data available from TNS):

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Illustration: UK supermarket share timeline
Source: TNS Superpanel

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TNS collects, analyses and interprets information to help clients understand the needs and wants of consumers, providing research, advice and insight on market segmentation, advertising and communications, new product development, brand performance and stakeholder management.

TNS Superpanel is a continuous UK consumer panel, providing purchasing information on all main grocery markets. The panel was launched in 1991 and now consists of 15,000 households which are demographically and regionally balanced to offer a representative picture of the British marketplace. Superpanel covers all FMCG markets, and was created to provide an effective market tracking vehicle and consumer diagnostics tool.

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