Tesco to offer Air Miles to Clubcard members

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on January 19, 2002

Tesco to offer Air Miles to Clubcard members

Air Miles have been earned by grocery shoppers at Sainsbury's for the last six years; they will now be earned at Tesco instead.

UK supermarket chain, Tesco, has signed up with Air Miles:  its customers can start collecting them from March 15th. Air Miles has over 6m members; Tesco's Clubcard has some 10m. The new partnership should result in some 400m Air Miles being earned by Tesco shoppers in the next year.

Tesco will give customers 40 Air Miles for each £2.50 worth of Clubcard points (customers earn one  point for each £1.00 spent). Clubcard holders who qualify for Premium Deals (most Air Miles collectors are likely to) will receive double that - 80 Air Miles. Customers automatically qualify for Premium Deals if they spend an average of £60 a week in store (excluding Express & Fuel). A customer spending £60 a week for 52 weeks would earn more than 900 Air Miles, enough for 2 flights to Paris.

Royal Bank of Scotland The Royal Bank of Scotland Group, Tesco's partner in its Personal Finance arm, is already the largest originator of Air Miles in the UK, through its credit card business. According to Fred Goodwin, group executive of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group, "We were founder members of Air Miles and have a close and successful working relationship with both Tesco and Air Miles and we will now be exploring broader based three way opportunities."

More information:

www.tesco.com www.royalbankscot.co.uk