Tesco tries out conveyor style self-checkouts

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on March 13, 2003

Tesco tries out conveyor style self-checkouts

The UK-based supermarket, Tesco, is running a trial of the ACM-700 self checkout system from Productivity Solutions, Inc (PSI), in its East Dereham superstore. The conveyor-driven self checkout unit processes large and small orders with equal ease, 24 hours a day.

Tesco choose to use PSI's self checkout system because of its ability to handle both large and small orders equally well. The initial response received from customers and staff has been very positive.

"Customers are telling us that the self checkout is simple to use, and our staff are telling us it's exciting and fun," said Richard Dodd, strategic programme manager for Tesco. And PSI's president, Michael Persky, added, "Consumers everywhere want the option of a self checkout."

PSI's range of automated checkout machines offers both conveyor-based and scan-and-bag options, and all are designed to fit any retail store format and size. The ACM 700, with a patented conveyor-based lane design, closely resembles a conventional checkout lane, and incorporates a colour touch-screen, multi-media instructions, and help screens to make it more customer friendly.

For more information: ·  Visit Tesco at http://www.tesco.co.uk ·  Visit PSI at http://www.ps-inc.com