The ENTERTAINER Is Making a Difference in Customer Loyalty in the MENA Region and Beyond

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on March 16, 2022

Editor’s Note: As the Global Voice of Customer Loyalty, The Wise Marketer is always on the hunt for brands operating loyalty programs that move the needle with customers and service providers who enable innovative strategy to come alive in daily operations.

The ENTERTAINER is one of these providers making a big impact in its market. The ENTERTAINER was founded in Dubai in 2001 and today works with more than 250 brands globally, helping businesses grow closer to their customers to drive sales and inspire long-term loyalty.

The company is predominantly a direct-to-consumer business with operations in 16 markets across the globe. Over the past 10 years, it has transitioned from a paper-based product to an award-winning digital app as well as a customized rewards platform and a fully-fledged loyalty solutions provider. They added a B2B division in 2012 which delivers customized rewards and loyalty solutions to corporate clients.

The ENTERTAINER business operates in multiple countries across the Middle East, South Africa, UK and Southeast Asia, and has a rich portfolio of clients spanning financial services, telecommunications, retail, and government entities among others.

The ENTERTAINER business provides loyalty solutions across four key areas, which can be customized to suit the customer’s needs:

  • Loyalty Program Design and Consultation.
  • Technology – Loyalty Management Solutions, Card Link or Wallet Technology for Market Transactions and Loyalty Applications.
  • Rewards platform and quick to integrate offers.
  • Managed services including CRM, Data Analytics, Technical Ops and Partnerships management.

We spoke with Vaibhav Goel, Head of Global Loyalty at the ENTERTAINER business, about how the company views the changing loyalty landscape. He commented:

“We are witnessing a dramatic shift and, while the fundamentals largely remain the same, new technologies are emerging that are quickly disrupting the business and end-consumer experience.”

To meet this challenge, Vaibhav said the ENTERTAINER is always looking at ways to enhance its offerings and is actively investing in building and enhancing the customer experience through cutting edge technology and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Vaibhav added:

“Card-linked offers (CLO) are starting to gain momentum in many markets and we are also witnessing the emergence of other solutions that allow for a more seamless interaction between consumers and brands. These include digital wallets, blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).”

The ENTERTAINER is a sponsor of The Loyalty Academy’s CLMP workshop in Dubai on March 22 – 24, 2022. We asked Vaibhav what led to this affiliation and why loyalty education is important to the company.

He replied:

“We firmly believe in upskilling our people in loyalty management and other new developments to give clients the best value possible. Three employees from the ENTERTAINER business attended the workshop in December 2021 and the feedback was extremely positive with all attendees not only gaining a better understanding of loyalty programs, but actually being able to put what they learnt into practice by helping clients drive higher engagement and retention.”

This first interaction led to the sponsorship of the March workshop, hosted by The Loyalty Academy™ in partnership with QBF Consulting. Sara Kobayaa, CLMP™, Account Manager at the ENTERTAINER, cited personal experience to highlight the importance of the workshop for anyone seeking more depth of knowledge in this business,

“The CLMP workshop is comprehensive, immersive, and I learned a lot of things that I was able to bring to the clients that I manage. I now have a deeper understanding of loyalty program design, business modeling, financial modeling, technology considerations, advanced engagement, gamification, and much more.”

Discounted registration fees are still available courtesy of the team at the ENTERTAINER. Contact The Loyalty Academy for details.