The Global Loyalty Marketing Community's Response to COVID-19

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By: Mike Capizzi, CLMP™ |

Posted on April 1, 2020

With the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing in most parts of the world, we have been bombarded with questions, comments, and concerns about what Loyalty Marketers can do to help. While no one single person can possibly attest to knowing all the answers at this point, we can collaborate by drawing on the collective wisdom of the customer loyalty community to reflect on possible solutions to the COVID-19 crisis.

Adam Posner, an Australian CLMP™ and long-time member of the Loyalty Academy™, has started a post on LinkedIn where loyalty practitioners can put forth ideas and commentary on what to do. 

Adam started the effort by "calling out to all customer loyalty people (brands/technology/consultants/agencies/data etc) to share your ideas, to collectively collude, to maximise the sum of the parts by answering the question... 'How can we beat COVID-19 with the love of loyalty?' ... [the goal] is to gather '119 customer loyalty ideas to beat COVID-19'. We are aiming for 119 ideas as 100 more than 19 is a winning number."

Adam is going to compile the findings as soon as he gets enough responses and we will publish his collection in the Wise Marketer. Participation is very easy: go to Adam's LinkedIn post here.

Alexander Sussel, a German CLMP and Loyalty Academy member, has started a shared Google document titled "COVID-19 (Coronavirus) - The Emergency Response Community for Loyalty Professionals" where collaborators are recording specific actions they have seen implemented by loyalty programs around the world. As you see an action, take note and record it in the master log for everyone else to use. Go this google doc to participate.

We encourage all subscribers to the Wise Marketer, especially the CLMP community and members of the Loyalty Academy, to participate in both collective exercises. And we tip our hats to Adam and Alex for their leadership on this important topic.

Stay well and stay safe!