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The Loyalty Academy Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary in November

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on October 30, 2020

Wise Marketer Group educational unit celebrates with events to benefit the Global Loyalty Marketing Industry

"Being able to give back to a community we are so passionate about by offering the most comprehensive professional education for Loyalty Marketers has been a joy. Loyalty Academy is excited to give away five full CLMP scholarships as part of our 5 Year Anniversary celebration."


The Loyalty Academy™, the global education and membership organization for loyalty marketing practitioners, announces its five-year anniversary in November, marking tremendous growth and industry acceptance since its launch in 2015.

The Loyalty Academy offers the world’s first formalized educational and training curriculum for customer loyalty professionals and sanctions the distinction of Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional™ (CLMP) to any individual who can meet the dynamic and comprehensive educational requirements set forth by its Board of Regents.

Milestones to celebrate:

  • Developed a total 25 individual courses for loyalty marketing professionals.
  • Delivered over 1,500 courses online, on demand, or in-person.
  • Certification of 175 professionals as CLMP in twenty countries, representing the highest level of professional expertise and accomplishment in the loyalty marketing profession.
  • Conducted certification and educational workshops in Brazil, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and the US.
  • Built the Loyalty Academy Vault™, the most comprehensive library of loyalty marketing research, tools and thought leadership, accessible exclusively by Loyalty Academy Members.
  • Launched the annual Delphi Report™ in 2018 to address key industry issues through collaborative thought leadership. The 3rd Edition will be released in Q4 2020.
  • Expanded faculty to include 10 loyalty professionals from 4 geographic regions of the world, tapping into extensive industry knowledge and subject matter expertise.
  • Formed educational partnerships in Vietnam, Ireland, and India for future workshop delivery.
  • Created social media collaboration sites on LinkedIn for industry professionals to ask questions, raise issues, comment on recent trends, and bring the loyalty marketing world a little closer together.

Mike Capizzi, Dean of Education, stated ”the educational program offered by The Loyalty Academy features online and on-demand course work for both newcomers to the profession who need a solid education in customer loyalty theory and practice, and seasoned professionals looking to refresh their skills or keep up on current developments. Our in-person workshops are offered on a global basis and customized corporate training programs are always in demand.”

To celebrate the 5 year anniversary, these events are planned for November 2020:

  • Award 5 new CLMP scholarships (full tuition paid) to loyalty marketing professionals. Participation is open to anyone in the industry. Enter for your chance to win!
  • All existing members of The Loyalty Academy as of November 30th will automatically become Members-for-Life (no annual dues!)
  • The first ever CLMP Town Hall Meeting, bringing together the global roster of CLMP professionals to discuss issues and events of significance to the industry. A recorded release of the proceedings will be made available without cost on both web sites.
  • Release of the 2020 Delphi Report™, a collaborative research document addressing “What Does it Take to be Great at Running a Loyalty Marketing Program?”. The report is offered free to the entire industry.
  • Specialized pricing and offers for educational content delivered on-line/on-demand.

The Loyalty Academy is governed by a Board of Regents with oversight responsibilities for the educational quality of the entire platform — courses, faculty, certification, and the member experience. Faculty come from all regions of the world and are comprised of Members of Academia and select loyalty marketing professionals with documented credentials and decades of experience in the industry.

The Loyalty Academy is headquartered in Deerfield Beach, Florida, USA and is owned by Wise Marketer Group.