The Marks & Spencer loyalty credit card unveiled

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on September 8, 2003

The Marks & Spencer loyalty credit card unveiled

The UK high street retailer, Marks and Spencer (M&S), is to launch its '&more' combined credit card and customer loyalty programme nationwide on October 6th, 2003, coinciding with the rebranding of the group's financial services arm as 'Marks & Spencer Money'.

After a successful 11 month trial in the retailer's South Wales stores, the long awaited card will soon be useable in any of the group's UK retail outlets that accept credit card payments.

The loyalty programme offers members 1 &more point for each £1 spent in Marks & Spencer UK stores, from its catalogue, and from its web site. A further 1 point will be awarded for every £2 spent on the card outside Marks & Spencer stores.

Points earned will accumulate in the member's account until they are translated into '&more reward vouchers', for use exclusively in Marks & Spencer outlets. A quarterly brochure will also be distributed, detailing any bonus point offers available.

Upgrades and acquisition Membership of the loyalty programme is gained by applying for the &more credit card. The retailer's 2.6 million existing Chargecard customers have been offered the chance to upgrade to the new card and loyalty programme during September, ready for the programme's launch in October. However, those wishing to keep their Chargecard have the option to retain it instead of taking the upgrade.

"The 11 month pilot in South Wales has given us a robust foundation for the rollout of the '&more' card," said Laurel Powers-Freeling, CEO for Marks & Spencer Money (see Nov. 20, 2002 and June 3, 2003). "We will provide our card customers with an upgraded offer, rewarding them for using the '&more' credit card and their loyalty for shopping at Marks & Spencer."

"Marks & Spencer Money forms an important part of our overall group strategy, and the &more credit card launch will provide us with a strong platform for future growth," added group chief executive, Roger Holmes.

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