The Most Important Question in Loyalty for the Rest Of 2022?

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By: Mike Capizzi, CLMP™ |

Posted on June 8, 2022

We have been bombarded lately with inquiries from loyalty marketers around the world asking…

How are we supposed to retain customer loyalty in a climate where our own employees are disengaged and increasingly disloyal?

While not every brand is experiencing employee disengagement at the same rate, the issues have been well articulated ever since the COVID crisis lessened. Much has been written about the “Great Resignation” movement of 2021-22 and all signs point to continued frustration and absence of enthusiasm from front line workers who greatly influence consumer loyalty. According to Employee Engagement Consultant, Kevin Sheridan, the five of the most common signs that employee engagement is waning are:

  1. Productivity suffers.
  2. Higher absenteeism.
  3. Quality suffers.
  4. Employees disconnect socially from their coworkers.
  5. Workplace accidents increase.

Like everything else in loyalty and engagement marketing each of the above needs to be carefully measured so early warning signs become evident. While HR can provide invaluable expertise and assistance, marketing can not ignore the connection between employee disengagement and customer loyalty. In fact, the entire enterprise should play a role.

Given the most important question referenced above, The Wise Marketer has put together a new thought leadership series we hope will shed some light on the topic. We have asked the Employee Engagement experts at Hinda Loyalty to offer a framework for understanding and attacking the issues facing so many of our readers. The 5-part series begins with an introduction to The Four Pillars of the New Employee Relationship which you can read here. We’ll continue the series throughout the summer and conclude with a webinar (registration available here) bringing it all together.