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Posted on February 14, 2012

For the customer loyalty marketer who wants to stay ahead of the game, there's a brand new edition of The Wise Marketer's report 'The Loyalty Guide' (Volume 5) to be published on 2nd April 2012. Now in electronic PDF format, at 1340 pages the all-new report provides new case studies, best practices, technologies, facts, figures, trends, forecasts and predictions up to 2020.

The Loyalty Guide 5 is already in the final stages of preparation. The new report has been carefully researched, written from scratch, and put into a highly searchable, printable, portable, and flexible electronic format. Rather than updating the previous edition, Volume 5 contains brand new facts and figures, ideas, research, advice, case studies, market data, and practical know-how. Its 1,300+ pages of unrivalled loyalty marketing guidance are compact enough that you can now carry it on a memory stick or even on a cellphone.

The argument for customer loyalty: why it's so profitable...
The Loyalty Guide 5 is a must-have for marketing professionals, packed with up-to-date facts and figures, as well as how set up, run, measure, and increase profits from both your customer base and your loyalty scheme. Find out what works and what doesn't, who's succeeded and how they did it, and how the world's loyalty leaders keep their competitive edge.

This report also walks you through all the know-how, best practices, practical advice, loyalty metrics, reporting, analysis, and bottom-line effects of customer loyalty, and provides guidance from loyalty thought-leaders in every major market. Find out the best ways to gather, analyse, and act on customer data to increase profitability, reduce churn, and increase customer frequency, spending, and share of wallet.

What you'll gain from the loyalty guide...
In practical terms, The Loyalty Guide 5 will show you:

  • The undisputable business case for customer loyalty, customer engagement, and best customer marketing initiatives
  • The latest research into loyalty and engagement, marketing, branding, human influences and consumer attitudes, communications, best practices, new approaches, and cutting edge technologies
  • The pros and cons of coalition loyalty schemes, illustrated by full case studies and breakdowns of the leading coalitions, including Nectar, Air Miles, Avios, Aeroplan, PayBack, eBucks, Fly Buys, Malina and Maximiles, among others
  • How to predict your loyalty scheme's size & value, both short-term and long-term, along with loyalty market sizes and value estimates for major markets including the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, and China
  • Full loyalty programme case studies, including programme breakdowns, membership counts, earning-and-burning, and the latest developments in the grocery/supermarket, general retail, airline, hotel, car hire, financial services, fuel retail, automotive, telecoms, food & drink, entertainment, media & publishing, non-profit, government and other sectors
  • How social media ties into customer loyalty and how it drives engagement, improves customer service, increases brand equity, boosts your company's reputation, reaches new customers, promotes word-of-mouth, and creates enthusiastic advocates and brand ambassadors
  • How to plan a rewards offering that simply works - one that drives true loyalty, engagement, advocacy, greater share of wallet, and increases both brand value and your loyalty programme's value, and puts up permanent barriers to copy-cat competitors
  • How to collect, store, segment, analyse, and use loyalty data not only to increase customer profitability but also to gain a unique competitive advantage and improve more than 20 other areas of your business
  • How to develop a successful loyalty strategy - the best-kept secrets of successful loyalty programmes - with how-to guides for programme structure, rewards, cards, data, communication, metrics, reporting, and analysis - all explained with examples and real-world case studies
  • The maths, metrics and science of customer loyalty, engagement, lifetime value, and profitability, including step-by-step formulae as well as a number of segmentation and loyalty models (including online versions!)
  • The psychology of customer loyalty and engagement: what make customers love you or leave you, and what makes them feel positive about your brand
  • Market trends and forecasts up to 2020 that will shape customer loyalty, customer engagement, social media marketing, mobile marketing, branding, digital marketing, direct marketing, viral campaigns and word-of-mouth, and more
  • The latest techniques in pricing, including a loyalty-based mechanism that's fair to everyone, builds customer engagement, and drives highly loyal behaviour
  • New innovations and tools that can improve your marketing effectiveness, campaign monitoring, and increase marketing ROI
  • Best practices, new ideas, techniques and market data to help you benchmark your own loyalty initiative against the industry's best-in-class players
  • How to have a personal dialogue with customers, whether by e-mail, mobile, social media, the web, direct mail, kiosks, call centres, or other channels
  • Techniques for targeting, personalisation and relevance in your customer communications, along with ideas for win-back campaigns, anti-defection methods, word of mouth, viral marketing, advocacy, green marketing, luxury and affluent marketing, and more
  • Key factors and attitudes for a successful loyalty scheme, how to avoid the most common problems, and how to keep customers engaged with fresh offerings, surprise and delight campaigns, and dozens of other emerging loyalty strategies
  • Timely advice from more than 30 global loyalty gurus who explain everything from why a loyalty scheme is needed, to how you can improve it, how to increase profitability even during a recession, how to add real value, and what's going to happen to loyalty during the next 20 years

A goldmine of online and offline loyalty resources...
Apart from getting your own electronic copy of the report (which can also be printed out if you want), you'll have permanent access to a number of spreadsheet and web-based formulas and working models that you can use to model your own loyalty initiative and test its impact on your company's profitability and customer base - past, present or future.

Just look at the table of contents - there are dozens of tables, charts, diagrams and even web-based updates for a whole year after publication, providing a truly comprehensive global source of facts, figures, market sizing & valuation data, trends, forecasts, and materials for proposals, presentations, and project tenders. See how you'll personally benefit from the report... you can download the free 70-page executive summary, as well free samples from the report itself.

How you'll keep your competitive edge...
If you're starting out in loyalty, The Loyalty Guide 5 explains the essential ideas and techniques behind successful loyalty initiatives, as well as how to plan, execute and future-proof your new loyalty strategy. Or if you're a seasoned marketer, this report is your complete guide to the world of loyalty marketing, best practices, technologies, trends & forecasts, tricks and techniques, covering every major market worldwide.

And if you place your order online before 2nd April 2012, you'll benefit from a 10% 'early bird' discount. The single-user license is usually US$1695 (£1095/€1295), but you can get the report for only US$1525 (£985 / €1165) by ordering now, before it's published. And we're offering even greater savings on all the previous editions (up to 75% off) which, combined with Volume 5, will give you a full reference library of loyalty data, ideas, facts and figures dating back more than a decade.

Pricing, ordering, downloads and the free Executive Summaryare all online now at

Regular updates and loyalty tools
The report comes with regular web-based updates for the first year, and a variety of online formulae and tools that can be used to analyse and benchmark loyalty programmes and customer bases against industry standards and financial forecasts. Tools that are made available interactively (online) or in spreadsheet format include:

  • The Patronage Ratio - how loyal your customers are to you;
  • The Switching Ratio - how likely a customer is to switch to a competitor;
  • The Budget Ratio - what share of a customer's wallet you have;
  • The Enis-Paul Index - a predictive 'loyalty score' (based on the above);
  • Customer Retention Rate - how many customers are staying with you;
  • Customer Lifetime & Customer Lifetime Value - what they'll be worth;
  • Uplift needed to pay for rewards - how much extra profit you'll need.

What do you get?
You'll get the full electronic edition of Volume 5, ready to download as soon as it's published in 2nd April 2012. The PDF is fully indexed, searchable, clickable, printable and portable. And you'll also get a web-based membership log-in that gives you access to online searching, interactive loyalty tools and formulae, useful downloads, and a support desk for queries and questions, seven days a week.

There's full information about the new report on The Loyalty Guide's web site:

   Introduction to Volume 5

   Executive Summary

   Full table of contents

   Free samplers (PDF format)

   Search the report's full text

   Pricing, licensing and special offers

   Order your copy now (Visa or MasterCard)

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