Throwing a little light on Hispanic media habits

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on September 27, 2005

US-based Spanish language newspaper, Hoy, has published its multi-market 'Hoy Media Consumption Study' for 2005, revealing a range of Hispanic consumer media habits, purchase planning behaviours, and content interests.

Not surprisingly, the study found that Spanish remains Hispanics' preferred language for obtaining news information across all media channels. But although Spanish TV programming commands the greatest usage of all media types, Spanish newspapers are also very popular, with almost 70% of Hispanics reading them either "frequently" or "occasionally".

According to Hoy's publisher, Digby Solomon Diez: "Most interestingly, the study found that Hispanics turn to newspapers first for local advertising, and that Spanish-language newspapers are the primary source of advertising and information for Hispanics when they plan a purchase."

Newspapers were found to be credible sources with Hispanic consumers. When asked about content and advertising interests, the survey noted that Hispanics generally have a strong interest in family and lifestyle information, as well as local news. And when it comes to those who make a habit of reading newspaper adverts, grocery and discount store adverts are considered most important.

Ad importance
When evaluating the importance of adverts in the newspapers, the study found:

  • Women are more likely than men to consider ads that promote consumer packaged goods as most important.
  • Job listings, clothing, and cell phones top the list for respondents aged 18 to 24 years old.
  • Men have more interest than women in car and cellular/wireless ads.

Products sought
An examination of the types of products that Hispanics look for in newspaper adverts confirmed what should be obvious:

  • Sale items are looked for most often in both newspaper ads and inserts.
  • Pictures of items for sale are also popular, as well as easy to compare prices in inserts.
  • Older respondents prefer newspaper ads that have detail or with a coupon attached, along with inserts.

Topics of interest
Looking at the readers' interest in specific topics:

  • Men are more interested in sports and business than women (who hold more interest in family, advertisements, travel, and entertainment news).
  • Respondents have the same level of interest in international news, regardless of acculturation level.
  • On average, respondents attended two community events in the past year.

Finally, the study found that, among those who read newspaper advertisements, ads are generally clipped or referred to once a week or less, and the average reader spends some 27 minutes reading an average weekday issue of Hoy.

The study
Hoy commissioned the study with trans-cultural research firm TNS Market Development. More than 3,000 interviews with self-identified Hispanics (either Spanish-dominant or bilingual), aged 18 to 64, were held in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, in their language of preference.

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