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Tookeez growing as the first loyalty program aggregator in Africa

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on June 27, 2024

New concept tokenizes loyalty currency to benefit merchants and consumers.

Tookeez is a new concept on the loyalty landscape. The program was launched in Morocco in early 2024 and is growing at a fast pace. Additional markets are planned for 2026 and beyond. Tookeez describes itself as a “loyalty program aggregator” and is on a mission to become the premier pan-African coalition program.

The name Tookeez, in addition to symbolizing tokens, has origins in a word from a Senegal dialect “tukki” meaning travel. The idea is that Tookeez enables value to travel through a wide ecosystem composed of consumers, merchants, and payment processors.

Transcending its customer loyalty focus, Tookeez mission is to help small businesses participate actively in digital transformation and the digital payments system. It encourages digital inclusion among small businesses by providing high-tech payment and loyalty features to this category of merchants within a very accessible business model.

The aggregator concept implies a system where loyalty programs can broaden their reach with consumers who are loyalty program members while keeping their brand identity intact. In the African region, not all merchants use bank accounts, and many prefer cash. Tookeez enables merchants to accept points for payment and generate a cash transfer that can be withdrawn from an ATM. This value chain is facilitated by the Tookeez app.

The business founders are also the principals of 2WLS, Siham Elmejjad, Hicham Amadi, and Wiam Fahim. The group has experience operating loyalty programs across the region, including working with notable brands such as Shell, Virgin, Visa, Mastercard, Bank of Africa, Kitea, Banque Populaire, and CFG Bank. The founders have raised 15 million DH (USD1.5M) from the Azure Innovation Fund.

The African market needs tools to encourage digital and financial inclusion and Tookeez can play a role in facilitating transactions across its acceptance network and providing an accessible loyalty tool. 

How it works

Tookeez works to simplify transfers between wallets. It links large loyalty programs to merchants and consumers. Any member of a loyalty program participating in Tookeez can transform their loyalty points into Tookeez held in a mobile wallet. The member can use the mobile wallet to pay with Tookeez at any point of sale at a merchant location accepting payment with Tookeez.

Tookeez is already installed as a payment method in more than 1,000 points of sale and is accepted within the network of large firms like petroleum companies and hypermarket chains, and by local commerce.

Tookeez provides merchants with a voucher system, visibility on social media, and marketing campaign tools. Other services include gamification and geofencing. Communications and notifications are managed through WhatsApp, SMS and through the mobile app.

Services are offered to merchant partners in three areas:

  • Tookeez payment – merchant solutions
  • Loyalty Hub – loyalty management platform
  • Loyalty Points conversion – value exchange across a large merchant network

For partnering merchants, they establish an account with a digital wallet. The merchant can configure participation through the mobile app electing to change earning rules and other features. To realize value from tokens, merchants can transform Tookeez into cash anytime from the app by creating a withdrawal without a bank card through ATMs of partner banks.

The member, through the mobile app, can transform loyalty points into Tookeez, earn Tookeez at POS, and buy goods and services using Tookeez.

Tookeez also offers technological features that help manage the relationship with clients through the “instant win” module and an innovative and highly customizable raffle concept. Geofencing enables notifications to be sent to members that are in proximity to a merchant POS, even delivering a personalized message.

Tookeez is bringing loyalty services to consumers while building bridges for merchants to become more integrated into the digital economy. You can learn more about Tookeez here and on their website.