Tool uses one-to-one to help supermarkets reclaim business

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on January 23, 2002

Tool uses one-to-one to help supermarkets reclaim business

A new tool launched by Catalina Marketing will help supermarkets reclaim some of the key category business that they have lost. 

Traditional supermarket grocery retailers in the US are losing the sales of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of key category goods - including paper products, pet supplies, cleaning supplies and personal care items - to "non-traditional" retailers.

This has prompted Catalina marketing to launch a "channel erosion tool" to help the supermarkets halt the erosion and reclaim the lost business. The solution uses custom analysis and targeted marketing to create individual communications with customers.

Rather than compete by simply cutting prices, the system will allow supermarkets to use one-to-one strategies to tailor specific offers to an individual customer in categories that are relevant. The solution utilises the traditional strengths of supermarket retailers: convenient locations, fresh perishables and high quality private label goods, in addition to its one-to-one targeting capabilities.

Catalina Marketing will be demonstrating the new tools at the Food Marketing Institute's Marketechnics show in San Diego, on February 3-5.

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