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Towards a Universal View of the Customer

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By: Mike Capizzi, CLMP™ |

Posted on September 16, 2019

Over the past few years the marketing community has consistently expressed the need for a single view of the customer. This paper describes the impact that a universal customer view can have on all customer experience (CX) efforts. With the proliferation of transaction channels, payment choices, communications media and customer engagement platforms, the ability to unify multiple sources of data and apply the findings to help drive business results has grown increasingly complex. Loyalty marketers are often at the epicenter of this dilemma given the rich set of data that best customer programs can produce.

In search of a good blueprint that marketers could use to help develop and refine a single view of the customer I turned to my old colleague, Brendan Abbott, from Experian UK. An original CLMP from the Loyalty Academy, Brendan currently serves as the Director of Retail, Travel and Hospitality for Experian, three markets where loyalty is entrenched and the unified customer view is essential. The team at Experian put together a white paper to help us sort through the myriad of issues and challenges surrounding this critical marketing topic.

Organizations who fully embrace data as an asset can leverage that asset to deliver exceptional experiences at every customer touchpoint. The paper goes on to describe gains in operational efficiency, fraud detection and support of growing regulatory compliance efforts before outlining a roadmap for achieving the elusive single customer view.

The complete white paper – Towards a Universal Customer View - has been made available to The Wise Marketer courtesy of Experian and is free to download. Registration is required. 

Contact Hinda Loyalty Group

Contact Hinda Loyalty Group

Experian UK will also be hosting a half day event on 20 September 2019 in London which promises to present a deep dive into the subject, offer opportunities for brands and loyalty marketers to listen and learn from each other and move everyone forward on their quest towards a universal customer view. Registration is free.

It’s clear that the transparent, secure and effective use of data has the potential to transform our approach to business. Take advantage of the learnings presented by our colleagues at Experian.

Mike Capizzi is a Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional™ and Dean of the Loyalty Academy. He is the most accomplished educational professional in the loyalty industry – over 1,000 students, in more than 15 countries, in-person and on-line, author, speaker, thought leader plus a member of the adjunct faculty in Marketing at five different US universities.