Travel reward credit cards put to the vote

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on January 24, 2004

The US-based 'Air Travelers Association' has released the results of a survey and ranking of non-airline, credit card travel reward programmes, revealing a general feeling of dissatisfaction with the number of points needed to earn a free travel ticket.

According to David Stempler, president of the Air Travelers Association, the survey was conducted to determine which components of credit card-based travel reward programmes were most valuable to travellers.

When asked if there was one thing users would change about their credit card rewards programme, most of the 1,019 respondents surveyed said it would be the number of points needed to purchase a ticket. Other things that people would like to see changed, in order of importance, included:
·  the amount of the annual fee;
·  the ability to use points on any airline;
·  blackout dates.

"Based on the survey results, we drew up a chart of the travel reward credit cards, unaffiliated with any one airline, and ranked by traveller preferences in the survey," explained Stempler. "At a time when consumers are trying to get the greatest value from their travel reward credit cards, we want travellers to get the biggest 'travel bang' for their buck."

In terms of miles needed to earn a free ticket, Capital One's Go Miles needs only 9,000 (with an annual fee of US$19). Runners up in the ranking included American Express Blue, MBNA Worldpoints, Chase Platinum, Discover Miles, Fleet Miles Edge, American Express Green, and Diners Club, all requiring 25,000 miles before free travel tickets are available.

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